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This Too Shall Pass

There will be days you feel that you are on top of the world and others you feel challenged and maybe barely interested in doing any tasks..

There may be days you feel powerful and ready to lead the world and others you feel at the end of the rope.

There are days you may feel energetically fit and yet others you feel extremely drained ..

That is not unusual as life happen in between every inhale and exhale..

You may be doing great, advancing in your career, finding the love of your life, succeeding in meeting your goals, finishing your higher education, living in a peaceful and beautiful city/ country.. all of which sound fantastic, but when your loved ones or friends near or far from across the glob are suffering or experiencing higher amounts of anxiety, stress due to the world’s largest pandamic #Covid-19.

Witnessing more sick people infected, and seeing cases rising and crowding hospitals with massive amounts of deaths.

Front line workers all putting their lives at risk even to their own families. Small and big business shutting down, people losing their jobs, homes some even their families (do to the increased a amount of stress that they are not able to process, they loose their patience and think a divorce will bring more peace to their lives).

When millions of refugee orphan children that are blurred out from the vision of many and human trafficking and slavery is increased (as the worlds main focus is finding a cure to this silent invader that with all the advanced technology we reached, this Covid-19 still managed to swiftly enter every space (homes, schools, restaurants, public transportation) and without permission just decided to stay.

All the animations available to governments, authorised authorities and that is available and accessible to the general public all failed against the #Caronavirus/ Covid-19.

Covid-19 managed to stand out, it had a message to deliver for everyone, the deaf, the blind, the wise the fool no one was excluded.. it was not racist or ‏prejudiced to it's visit or choosing.

For those not paying attention to its attack will continue being in detention, confirmed to it's power and controlled by it's dangerous presence.

Having ALL of this in the background as you live your daily life, even when your positive or doing great compared to others around..YOU WILL feel low, sad and maybe even depressed.

In such cases, especially with what we are facing as a collective in our world today, it will be important to learn and apply different thinking styles, creative techniques, modalities, or utilize existing ones you already know that can help in regulating your emotions and strengthening your faith.

You need to connect with others, talk, walk, express your feelings don't mask your pain it will only get worse when you professional help or advise if you are feeling hopeless, stuck or soon to be homeless.

The sooner you act the better the outcome and the less damage you will encounter!

In the end of the day nothing remains permanent, however when we face a problem, it will not just disappear on its own!! It could in rare cases or it may feel minimized, but at a core level you must seek solutions, optimize your creative mindset and ask for help in order to achieve sustainable success.

Ignoring issues you feel tired to deal with and you never resolved will rob your true inner peace, happiness and core essence.

Until you face your fears with #curiosity/ #courage, release your anger, #respect divine will, be more adaptable and flexible to change.. Engage in meaningful activities and a sense of purpose, it will be hard for you to feel lighter and more liberated.

You will connect with your core self on a deeper level.You will increase your confidence and become more will be the person you wish others are to YOU.

As you serve others you will get stronger, and start to emotionally heal. You will feel blessed and be a blessing too!

You will love with all your heart..Feel with all your soul... and live with all your life!!

We must feel and love deeply and live fully but with no attachments!!

It's harder for some than others to apply but they are lessons taught from of our birth till the end of our time line.

To exist in this world the umbilical cord is cut the moment we arive from our mothers belly and when we leave from this world we also leave alone..🤔

Much wisdom to be learned once we understand our personal soul mission, life purpose and meaning to life!

Once you do, then you will celebrate each day and contribute YOUR BEST SELF to it! When you are participating, engaging and serving from that space, life will start to feel, taste and exist in different colors, flavors and sounds..

“We May Encounter Many Defeats, But We Must Not Be Defeated“

—Maya Angelo

Start caring for yourself and let that expand on to others..See you at the top, we are waiting to celebrate YOU!

Till next time;





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Blessings of inner peace, joy, good health, wisdom, inner strength and infinite abundance is my to all my human family!

Namaste 🙏🏻

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