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Updated: Apr 17, 2021

Hide No More

My flow of words and imaginative stimulation were inspired by a very sensational personal artwork shared by a humanitarian at heart and Worldwide President & CEO at the Authors Club as well Global Chairman President at International Art Acts no other than Dr. Dipanker Roy.

This Poem is dedicated to the “Healing Through Connections” Exhibition for a “Breast Cancer Campaign” originated via IAA-life to support cancer patients through the magic of healing through the beautiful vibration of artwork during the world’s largest pandemic Covid-19.

Hide No More

Behind the hiding lies sacred beauty.

Why hide? Just flow forward with divine bliss dancing with the music of your soul as you transcend all time and space realities.

Dance, my beauty Queen, for life itself is a beautiful dance between you and the cosmos. It is when you in that union bliss and a state of surrender in being and letting go of all that is not serving of your highest good, that high frequencies are aligned, and magic is birthed as you soar and ascend.

Be gentle with thyself as you continue to blossom. Realize hiding will not protect you from being found. The fragrance from your seductive soul will lead those in love your way, directed by your aura, your charm, your esoteric soul essence, your sensational rhythms, and magical magnetic waves.

All were made and given so you may face with courage the fear of that from which you are hiding.

You are more powerful than you could ever imagine.

The time has come for you to turn your face to the sun and look at the mystical path on which you are meant to journey.

Hide no more for your beauty is not meant to be abandoned behind closed walls and especially the walls you built to protect your heart.

Time to dissolve those walls and transmute them into the light for you are worth much more than the need you feel to this hiding. Permit yourself and allow for this pain or shame to dissolve because the time has arrived to claim your power, to stand, to speak, to let the world know your name, and to step into your magnificence.

The journey of life continues, and we all are waiting to celebrate your joy, your wisdom, your breath-taking beauty, and your unforgettable presence.

—Dr. Sofie Nubani

My wish for every woman is to stand in her majestic power and feminine divine. Let thy scars be the story which honors your power and respects your journey.

Let thy scars strengthen your resilience, will power, and confidence.

Ignite the Goddess within; know that you are whole; you are complete.

Have a leap of faith and step into your thorn Queen. Hold thy crown and allow the world to bow to thy appointment and thy rule!

Hide No More for thy divine essence will always reveal your presence.

Be a Queen, a Goddess, and a mystical existence who is ready to lead with her luminary projection that is softly beaming the paths of many that she crosses, whispering to the burdened souls she meets:

“I feel your pain. I know your sorrow. I was there one day, and just like you, I was hiding from my own shadows, but through the worlds of the arts, music, and books, I was empowered and transformed, and my soul was healed.

Today I serve from an open heart and an open mind. You can choose to do the same, too”.

Thanks to the International Art Act-Life for giving me hope, giving me a voice to build my courage, and never to look back unless it is to give thanks for the experiences that shaped me and molded me to the super woman I am today---she is a queen that is stepping into her confidence and claiming her power as she fights all evils of the world with a sword of light, a pen, a paper, a song, or a work of art and passing forward a legacy of love to our human family, so it my continue to evolve in the mist of dark moments lived and that is by realizing and utilizing the power of words, connection, human touch, and affection.

By using such a tool, you can pass it forward, too!

You have the power to direct your energy, prioritize your attention, and influence your environment.

Do more of what adds to your peace, harmony, joy, and growth as I did, too.

Hide No More. Instead, keep your chin up, our courageous Queen.

You are unique, beautiful, and more than enough. The world needs your strength, your smile, your encouragement, your engagement, and your contribution.

The only question I have at this point for you is this:

Are you ready to Lead, Guide, and Serve?

Dr. Sofie Nubani

International Creative Mindset Strategist and Consultant, Author, and Interpersonal-Executive Coach

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