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Feedback on an Educational Conference

Had a great experience #Speaking at the “International Education Icon Awards” a conference on education development on the 21st century,a dear topic to my heart.

As the founder of the #CircleofCreativeMastersInstitute and Creative Mindset Strategist/ Consultant, I have been inquisitive about the field of education and interested in bridging gabs between the old and current ways of learning as #creativity has been on the decline due to poor transitioning and priortizing to top skills needed for the 21 century.

It is through global conferences, simanars sharing on important topics such as EDUCATION (by leaders, experts and educators communicating and presenting ideas, insights and solutions) that we may collectively as global citizens, evolve and serve our future generations best.

The attention span and patience of the average person has decreased, due to many sources of information, causing information over load to many. That had an influence on both of their short span attention and focus.

Without better daily habits that invite more calmness, grounding and stillness, many would get caught living to survive rather than thrive.

Working their regular hour jobs going home repeating same routines for year's, only to wake up one day realising they were functioning like robots and barley enjoying life in all its beautiful colors, enjoying and benifeting from it's resources.

We must THINK in the box, out of the box and with no box!! New box thinking is required, new #solutions and ways of educating are required as the old ways won’t just work the same TODAY .

With the age of Siri, Alexa, YouTube and Google our Alpha generation is becoming more tech savvy than some Generation X, Baby Boomers and Silent Generation users of technology.

The fast paste of technology growth will serve best when each generation is fought up. When the gab is minimised, when a grandparent can confidently use tools to communicate with their grandkids or be in touch with society equally so they don't feel and be more isolated, left behind. Growing into their senior years feeling less connected with society and suffer indirectly from lack of feeling that they belong or connected.

Our #youth will suffer as well as the wisdom and experiences shared by their elders cannot be replaced by machines. The human affection, emotion and initiation is priceless.

It is only through education and that is self and institutional education providing a PROPER education systems, that we may evolve in harmony and minimise the gabs beween our technological fast transformation in our different generations.

We must not get too tired, exhausted and overwhelmed to a degree that we become numb and stagnant towards providing solutions and developing skills that will equip the citizens of the world with the necessary and effective tools to transition, transform and tranced with more ease and better guidance so they may succeed and feel more confident in their walk of life.

Thanks to organizing such great confrance Saksham Society & TBC International Environment for inviting me as a “Chief Guest” and #speaker at such great conference and gathering of the minds. As well a special THANKS to Pro. Dr. Binu Thomas who is always working behind the scenes and doing great work bringing together powerful thought leaders and experts on this platform.

#Honored and #humbled by this prestigious recognition and certificate

Till next time:

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#speakerlife #WeAreInThisTogether

Blessings and Namaste 🙏🏼

Dr. Sofie Nubani

Creatrix Interpersonal-Executive Coach

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