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Updated: Jan 6, 2022


“BELIEVE IN YOURSELF” we hear it a lot.

Saying, “I believe in myself” It is a positive affirmation once repeated as well encouraging once practiced.

But WHY is this message shared a lot? Why do many use it? What does believing in yourself really mean?

If someone has a LOW; self concept, esteem and confidence then what would that mean to them? How can they believe in themselves?

As a Creative Mindset Strategist, Interpersonal -Executive Coach and Mentor, I like to provide solutions that lead to positive results.

If we are just using words of encouragement to spread positivity, develop better connections and healthier relationships, that IS good! However if we can make the person we are uplifting, encouraging and empowering understand what we mean and how applying our suggested messages can add value to them, then we are able to hold their hand and help them get on their own best and supportive growth path.

So for example, I know a Tom and he seems down and hopeless due to a financial loss or losing in a game of football or etc….

The best thing is showing EMPATHY by acknowledging his feelings and expressing my understanding/care to the reason he is feeling that way.

LISTEN actively and and be aware to feel and assess his emotional temperature towards his anger, sadness, etc

If he is very angry, I would ask him to; describe his anger to me, I would ASK QUESTIONS to help him think in and out of the box so he may feel distracted from his focus on the situation/problem/pain or hurt.

Then I would ask him to SHARE with me a TIME WHEN HE FELT GREAT ABOUT SOMETHING HE DID OR ACCOMPLISHED-a time he felt so powerful, empowered, free and happy.

Then I would ask him to describe for how he felt exactly, in more details, as I take him back by asking a few questions.

From there I can use that good emotion and encourage him and then say something like “BELIEVE IN YOUR SELF”.

This was just an example, however, for many who suffer from low self concept, then for this statement to be useful and meaningful, some or a lot of work must be done.

When you can find meaning in the suffering, joy in service and happiness in expressing love, and sharing laughter and courage in facing your fears, then, “BELIEVE IN YOURSELF” will be a good reminder, without a lot of work needed. This will help you you to tap into your innate creative powers and higher thinking, that will speed the time and distance of your arrival to your desired outcomes/ goals & results.

Ask yourself;

Why should I believe in myself?

How can I believe in myself?

What does believing in myself mean to me? How can I improve my confidence in believing in my self?

What parts of myself must I come true with? What seasons of my life must I visit to identify if I had picked some false believes along the way yet I still Command my soul to obey them? Are these believes mine or my parents, teacher, husband, wife etc…? Is my current doubts about my believe real or an illusion?

The truth is when we tell someone to “BELIEVE IN YOURSELF“ is a big statement and is best used when we have the best interest of the one receiving the message in mind. Many believe in themselves but the choices and actions they take are not supportive to their highest good or others.

asking questions like;

What is it that I believe about myself? Is it so I can destroy or construct? Embarrass or teach? Help or humiliate?

What you believe in surrounds you, dominates your thoughts and influences your decisions

So next time someone tells you to, “BELIEVE IN YOURSELF” make sure you are self-aware and mindful to evaluate your current reality to your aspired reality.

Dig deep and start building your self concept and wisely create the ideal self you wish to embrace and embody.

The main thing is to BELIEVE with good intentions that YES you CAN. Believe that you have the power to improve your circumstances, health, mindset, relationships and more.

You are the captain of your ship and the author of your own story!

Let’s Believe in our selves, serving noble missions, growing to higher levels of thinking, and becoming more competent, applying our skill sets for the betterment of ALL as a higher aim.

One intention at a time

One partnership at a time

One helpful person at a time

One positive action at a time!

We can do this LETS GO,

Are you READY?

Till next time:

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Dr. Sofie Nubani

Creatrix Interpersonal-Executive Coach

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