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Unleash the Power of Your Metacognition to Supercharge your Imagination and Ignite Your Innovation!

Isn’t It Time to Rediscover Your Innate Creativity?

Wouldn’t You Like to Transform into the Innovator That You, Your Business and/or Your Life Needs?

Being creative is your right as a human being and something that is built into you. As a child you had a natural curiosity. As an adult, you probably think it’s gone forever, right? The truth is, it’s not. Not only that, but your creative mindset can also be enhanced. In this book, you’ll discover some insider secrets as well as new insights into creativity.


Whether you’re running a large corporation, start-up entrepreneurship, or you’re a middle manager, thought leader, influencer, mentor or coach, what you’re going to learn in Optimize Your Creative Mindset – Book One will help raise both your awareness and thinking. Not only is this true of creativity, it’s also true of thinking at a higher level.


What you’ll get is both a blueprint and increased knowledge on creative thinking.Throughout this book you’ll discover the personal stories of many creative thinkers, masters and entrepreneurs who used that thinking to help them to create at a higher level, overcome obstacles and innovate. You’ll learn about certain tools and processes that will help you in your creative journey.


One such tool is the Yin and Yang Vision-Action-Dream Board. Dr. Sofie Nubani created this unique tool that combines balanced energy to help elevate in seeing the fruition of what you want to create.


Furthermore, you will be introduced to a new concept that will spark global creativity among organizations and innovative communities,” The Circle of Creative Masters.” a new 21st Century tool that will take its attendees to higher levels of creativity leading to innovation.


You will also learn the power of C.O.U.R.A.G.E. to help you to become your best creative self with the right mindset. It’s time to take the venture and unleash the power of your metacognition, supercharge your imagination, and ignite your innovation to OPTIMIZE YOUR CREATIVE MINDSET.


In this book, you'll learn:


  • What is creativity and what thinking types work best for different areas.

  • Discover the personal stories of people who have applied creative thinking to overcome challenges.

  • A way of thinking that will help unleash your personal creative mindset.

  • And so much more....

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