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NLP Pro Plus certification

"A one of a kind NLP Pro Plus Certification that includes: enhancing tools and additional modalities, to support your growth and success journey."

NLP Basic Practitioner Certification


In this live online program, you will learn to develop foundational success skills, that will enable you to:

• Transform problems and obstacles into a high-performance “race car” for accelerated success.
• Skyrocket your ability to learn in any field.
• Make dramatic, positive changes in the way you think, feel, and act.
• Be a powerful communicator.
• Model behaviors of excellence of the world’s highest achievers.
• Apply what you learn to help others to succeed.
Many of the world’s top speakers, trainers, coaches, and more have used what you’re going to learn.
You will master these NLP techniques that you can use immediately:
• Circle of excellence -- have all your top resources available to you.
• Change personal History -- alter your responses to bad memories.
• Adding resources -- supply more skills to new areas.
• Anchoring -- learn the secrets of master communicators by using anchors.
• Swish Patterns -- leap past limitations into a new you.
• New Behavior Generator -- gives you dependable techniques to try on new skills; make learning easy; utilize the secrets of top sports performers.
• Fast Phobia Technique -- release traumatic memories, defuse phobias and fears from spiders, snakes, heights, to war and PTSD.
• Mend a broken Heart -- help yourself and others recover from bad relationships.
• 6-Step reframe -- learn to use your subconscious in new ways.
• Deep self-appreciation techniques to boost your self-esteem.

Your Investment is only:

In-person NLP Basic Practitioner Certification classes

Live Online Classes

Pre-Recorded Class

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