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Imagine Being Able to...

Ignite Your Creativity

That Will Help Bring You 
More Success in Your
 Business, Work and Life?

In this audio course, Award-Winning Creative Strategist, Dr. Sofie Nubani expands on the work in her seminal book, Optimize Your Creative Mindset. She continues from the creative techniques she introduced there to the ones in this course that will help you to develop better creative thinking that will help you in all areas of your life, especially your work.

Discover powerful techniques and strategies used by some of the world's top creative people and organizations. You too, will know these insider secrets that will help you to do the same. 

Dr. Nubani has taught in international creative educational organizations and is here to teach you too. Grab this course and start your journey into creative success!

A new creative audio series based on the book, Optimize Your Creative Mindset, by Dr. Soife Nubani. This audio course expands upon the techniques she put forth in her book and will help take the listener into the realm of practical advice, when put into use, will help the user expand his or her possibilities into whatever endeavor they embark on.


Creativity is our innate ability that we are all born with. It's time to get yours back. These insider techniques will help you rise above the crowd and take whatever you do to the next level.


In this audio course you will learn:


•    Brain Storming the Right Way


•    Putting on Your Six Thinking Hats


•    Lateral Thinking


•    Mood Boards


•    The Insight Scheme

Grab the CD Version for only $49.97

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