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DR. Sofie Nubani

The Creative Mindset Strategist

Are You Stuck and Frustrated with the Feeling that Nothing is Going Right?
Are You Unable to Move Forward No Matter What You’ve Tried?
Do You Want a Creative Shift and Rise to Your Higher Self?
I work with those people that are looking to take their life to the next level through a transformational, creative, and spiritual, phycological process. 

In a VIP Day session, you’ll experience that and more.

Get ready to be empowered!

Wake up to a new you, one that you thought you never had, or if you did, that you lost on the way to success. You have come to the realization that life may not have been what you thought it was and are frustrated because of it. You could even be burned out with life.

I’m here to help you get tuned back in. What I do is use my powers as a Creativity/Curiosity Expert, Spiritual Energy Healer, NLP Master Practitioner/Coach/Trainer, Emotional Intelligence Coach, and EFT/TFT Practitioner to help you cut the cord to your frustration and find true happiness within. I do this in one single day and you’ll be pampered too. That is what my VIP Session will do for you.

I will deep dive with you during this VIP Day and ensure it is tailored to your needs. If you’re the kind of person who is willing to work hard and want change, then this is for you.

I do either a full (5 hours + 30-minute break) or half (3 hours + 15-minute break) VIP Day Session.


Full-Day VIP: $995

Half-Day VIP: $600

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