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Dr. Sofie Nubani

Best-selling Author, DSD and DD

I am a Creatrix-Interpersonal Executive Coach who has a passion to transform Dormant/Stagnant talent and abilities to a dynamic and vibrant existence! That is possible through the process of Co-Creating with my clients as I assist them in discovering new ways and possibilities that were not visible to them prior to our connection. 



Creative Intelligence & CQ


New Box Thinking/Answers



I love to UPLIFT, ENCOURAGE, EMPOWER and RELAX people, through my life experience, education, and personal processes that I had created and continue to create in the form of, programs, tools, and techniques to aid and facilitate such results.

 I realized that with such fast paste of life, both in areas of technology and living; one must always be equipped, prepared, and ready to be able to offer and accommodate their clients with what would work best for them in their current modern times as they transition, learn and adapt to new ways of living. With that awareness, I am forever the teacher and a forever student of life.

As founder of the Circle of Creative Masters Institute™, the co-founder of The Laughter Mindset Program™, co-host of Wisdom Cafe Live, and creator of the Athena Coaching Program™, as well as co-founder along with Dr. Bob Choat of the M.E.T.A Shift Program™. I also realized that I have a great desire to provide a service of excellence to those reaching out for my services


I am a Certified NLP Coach and Master Practitioner, Certified Social and Emotional Intelligence Coach, Certified Motivational Coach, Certified Laughter Yoga Instructor, Certified Reiki III Teacher, Certified EFT/TFT, Authentic Happiness Practitioner, and a Doctor of Spiritual Development (DSD) degree. I’m also an ordained minister and have an Honorary Doctor of Divinity (DD) degree.

I will soon be working towards a Ph.D. in Transpersonal Counseling. Additionally, I received a certification as a Speaking Facilitator through Transformational Services in early 2020.

I have studied in Positive Psychology, Jungian Psychology, FLOW Psychology, and Creative Psychology.
My unique coaching style helps people release emotional pain and reach a higher mental state. I am also the author of the ”Optimize Your Creative Mindset” book series.

Book one was published on 6/27/2020 and won Best Seller Status in the following categories:

Popular Psychology

Cognitive Psychology 



I believe in the power of imagination/visualization for that I use tools that I created such as:
1-Effective Identification-Application and Use of Affirmations.

2-How to Master using a Yin/Yang Vision-Action-Dream Board most effectively to achieve desired goals.

3-Creative Techniques that will empower individuals/teams both on personal and professional levels.

To Transcend a companies leaders, conscious leadership practice must apply. 

To get to that level, each individual leader must Self-Transcend to their next best potential and collectively through smart and selective aligned collaboration with other departments or businesses will contribute to the betterment of all. That is achievable through Self-Awareness and education in areas of:

  • Higher Thinking Styles 

  • Self Concept

  • Mindset

  • Cognitive Psychology 

  • Creative Story Telling

  • Specialized NLP Techniques 

  • Social and Emotional Intelligence, Curiosity-Creative-Cultural Intelligence.

  • Energy Clearing and Shielding Techniques 

  • Practicing the Circle of Creative Master’s principles to added companies' adaptability, productivity, and function.

Accolades and Awards

I provide both group and Individual Coaching with a goal to have both accomplish: 
1-Complete Clarity on what they would like to accomplish.
2-Flow into their Creative Zone 
3-Focused attention and intention on what they desire to achieve. 
4-Have a radicle shift in their mindset, attitude, and behaviors while developing their soul/creative skill sets that will empower and encourage them to move forward to words their goals.
5-Unleash the Power of their Metacognition, Super Charge their Imagination, and Ignite they're Innovative. 

Best areas I can provide service to you or the organization;

-NLP Certifications  
-Creative Intelligence Certifications 
-Creative/Creatrix MasterCertification 

-Career coaching

-Effective Goal Setting using 
Yin/Yan Vision-Action-Dream Board
-Hosting a Circle of Creative Masters Meeting. 
-Hosting Shows/Events
-Spiritual Development 
-Energy Clearing


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Are You ready to tap into your innate abilities? Isn’t it time to take your business and personal life to the next level?

Then take action steps towards the future you desire to design! 

You are one decision away to living a fulfilled more creative/innovative and accomplished life. 

Let’s connect and allow me to make the process easier and more effective. 
You can reach me via this contact form and phone +1 (407) 754-5811

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Dr. Sofie Nubani

Without ACTION there are no results. Just IMAGINE... BECAUSE YOU took action NOW in the right direction; your LIFE is getting BETTER, your FUTURE is looking BRIGHTER and your SOUL is feeling LIGHTER. Just IMAGINE... Now it’s time for YOU to take ACTION

Dr, Sofie Nubani

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